About The Author
Namdeo Arya is a software developer. He is a simple person, down to earth, confident, creative and self-motivated. He is also a certified Ethical Hacker and Countermeasures Expert. He loves to code and to help others. His passion is software development and cyber security. He also likes to teach and motivate students whenever he is free and he firmly believes that one who works with heart and courage never fails. He always likes to make people smile.
Always Keep Moving
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Life is a journey having a number of lessons, joys, heartaches and some special moments. Throughout our life we may have some good days, some bad days and we also encounter many challenges. Sometimes we feel good and sometimes we feel bad. But we should always keep moving in any situation toward our goal. Never wait for the change in situation, it's you who can change the situation.
Have Faith and Take Risk
Faith is the strongest asset in our life. Everyone has opportunities in their life but all don't transform those opportunities into success. The transformation of opportunities into success mainly depends on your faith. While transforming opportunities into success, one may have to take risk. If you want to be successful, you must have to take risk. There is no straight path towards success. Success comes at the cost of several risks and difficulties.
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