About Arya :

Namdeo Arya is a Software Developer with understanding of the computer architecture and the flow of control in a computer system. During his sophomore year of college he started pursuing his interest in Web Development with a coursework project. He then gained proficiency in the web development skill set and eventually figuring out his passion in the same. Since then he has worked on more than 10 projects with his focus on PHP and the front end utilities like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap along with frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgnitor and Zend. Meanwhile he also worked a lot on Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures. He loves to code and have the potential to visualise the problem hence scaling up to an appropriate solution for it. Moreover he wish to use his knowledge to help the society by implementing new technologies and providing a convenient solution to the society. He is currently working as a Full Stack Developer at vMobo Mobile Pvt. Ltd.

Arya's Hobbies :

  • Software Development and Learning new Technologies.
  • Motivating and teaching students in free time.
  • To work on Internet and Web Security.
  • Visiting new places with friends.
  • Writing new articles.

Arya's Strong Points :

  • Always do the work with full dedication.
  • Self motivated and always motivate others.
  • Creative thinking and perfection in work.
  • Can work under deadline and pressure.
  • Good team work experiences.
  • Good Communication Skill.

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